About Mean Street Tattoo

Originally from the Lower East Side, NY, Mean Street Tattoo relocated and sunk our roots into the Brooklyn area, plying our trade in Manhattan, College Point and Bayside for a number of years. We've now relocated to a wonderful new location right on Nassau Avenue in Greenpoint!

With over 30 years of combined experience, the folks at Mean Street Tattoo care about the craft and the art of the tattoo. We believe that a lasting impression goes beyond the poke of the needle, it is also the proper knowledge and experience behind the art that will ensue that our clients are happy loyal customers.

While walk-ins are welcome, appointments are the preferred modus operandi. Feel free to call us at (718) 423-4717 to book a consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss placement, complexity, size as well as budget. A small non-refundable deposit is then required to make any appointment for your design to be tattooed.

About The Artists

Tommy Murphy - Co-owner of Mean Street Tattoo, he started tattooing in 1990 in the Lower East Side, way before the legalization of tattooing in NYC in the late 90’s. A lover of motorcycles, pirates, hot rods and traveling, he loves to live life at full throttle. He prefers to work by appointment, but will take on walk-ins.

Johann - Tattooing since 1999 and co-owner of Mean Street Tattoo, he loves to work in Asian themes and designs rich in vibrant colors and contrast.

Business Hours:

Monday: 12PM - 9PM
Tuesday: 12PM - 9PM
Wednesday: 12PM - 9PM
Thursday: 12PM - 9PM
Friday: 12PM - 9PM
Saturday: 12PM - 9PM
Sunday: Closed